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Flower Care

How to Care for Your Dried Flowers




How to look after your dried flowers

A dried flower arrangement, bunch or wreath will add lasting beauty to your decor or holiday season. Therefore, it's important to care for your dried flowers properly in order to keep them undamaged and looking great for as  long as possible.


Displaying your arrangements

Your dried flowers will need to be displayed indoors so that they are protected from the elements. To keep them looking as good as when you first got them, it's always important to keep them out of direct sunlight or even areas of bright light. This will ensure the blooms do not become brittle and the colours of the flowers don't fade. Another good idea is to avoid keeping your flowers in rooms with high humidity , as this will cause them to become limp and encourage mould. finally, exposure to moisture can cause flowers to weep from the stems or pores, eventually dripping onto nearby surfaces.


Cleaning dried flowers arrangements and wreaths

An easy way to keep your displays dust-free is to use a compressed air spray - just don't spray too close as this could cause damage. Another great method is to use a hair dryer on the "no heat" setting, again, not too close. Finally, a good old-fashioned feather duster works really well, particularly on sturdier, robust displays.



Seasonal displays can be stored in the box provided. However, if this is not possible, any box that ensures enough room to secure with tissue paper will do. It's a good idea to store somewhere the temperature does not fluctuate, so the attic or basement isn't generally a good idea, as any exposure to heat or humidity can speed up the changes of potential decay. Finally, never store your flowers in plastic containers or plastic bags.

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